About Us


Travel Tips and Misadventures from Two Kentucky Girls

I’m Susan Kennon, a high school chemistry teacher in the grand old state of Kentucky who decided to live the crazy, dangerous life of a travel agent. Okay, so it’s not actually all that crazy or dangerous being a travel agent, but helping others experience life in new ways is so exciting for me that it might as well be! I don’t do this alone, my daughter, Alyson, has a passion for travel as well. She’s finishing her masters in speech language pathology and, when she isn’t helping people talk and swallow, she is daydreaming of all the ways we can explore this beautiful world God made. In our travels, we seem to have a talent for stumbling upon awesome finds and somehow we always have some pretty hilarious misadventures. We refer to ourselves as travelers rather than tourists because we look at traveling as an adventure, and believe that there is no education that compares to experiencing the world first hand. No matter where we are, we seek out the local tourist hotspots and are right there with our cell phones in hand, taking selfies and family pics just like everyone else. However, we don’t stop there! We also like to immerse ourselves in as much local culture as possible. We love to eat in local restaurants, shop in local markets and get to know the people when we travel. Whether we are discovering new gems in Kentucky, wandering around the United States, or touring internationally, we are always looking for a new experience. Our belief is that if you want to broaden your horizons or those of your children, travel! Get out there and immerse yourself in a new culture!