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Don’t Believe Me? Ask the Dishes!

There are two things I need to share with you: 1) I’m a southern girl from a family of women who have what we like to refer to as a “dish problem”. Take us into any store and we sniff out the dishes like a bloodhound and then have to tell ourselves to back away because any one person only needs a certain number of dishes. 2) My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast – Belle is my kind of girl!

On one of our more recent trips to Disney World, I stumbled upon what might become the arch nemesis to me fighting my “dish problem” – Disney has produced a line of Beauty and the Beast dishes! I stood there, jaw on the floor, for what seemed like an hour looking at these beauties. It was love at first sight! My daughter was with me, and you might think she would pull me away, saying “Mom, you don’t need those dishes, let’s go ride Tower of Terror”, but she also is afflicted with the “dish problem”. If you are like me, and love dishes as well as Beauty and the Beast, check these gems out on your next trip! You can find them at several locations on Disney World property, but my favorite is probably the Disney Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs. It’s one of my favorite additions to this area since Disney reimagined what was formerly known as Downtown Disney into Disney Springs.

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Waynesville – A hidden gem in the outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina!

Not so long ago, a good friend mentioned that we should visit this quaint little town she ran across in North Carolina. She spoke of Waynesville and its quaint shops and wonderful restaurants with great fondness, and knowing that she has impeccable taste, I stored it away in my mental file of places to visit.

A month or two later, we were making the trek along Interstate 40 between Knoxville, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina and the memory of what our friend had shared with me came rushing back, so after a short discussion of whether we should stop in Waynesville for lunch, we called our friend to see if she would suggest a restaurant. That’s where the adventure began…

We found Waynesville to be a quaint little village straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. As we drove down the street looking for our chosen restaurant, The Sweet Onion, we were mesmerized by the beautiful street, full of enticing boutiques, bakeries, antique shops and more. We took a few minutes to pop into the Mast General Store, an old favorite from previous adventures, and found it to be as enchanting as always – a step back in time to the mom and pop stores like my great grandparents used to own – with clothes, toys, gardening supplies, household items, and barrels of candy loved by kids of all ages.mastgeneralstoresign2

Lunch at The Sweet Onion was scrumptious! The restaurant was charming and the food was tastefully presented. The fare is a contemporary take on southern cuisine and it does not disappoint! Among us, we ordered the crab cake, macaroni and cheese, mashed sweet potatoes, blackberry barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes, pecan chicken salad melt, broccoli and cheese grits, and the marinated cucumber tomato salad. The sign of good food with our family is a quiet table, and other than the occasional “This is wonderful!”, our table was silent!

sweetonionrestaurantsign      sweet-onion-table-inside

sweetonionfoodpic1   sweetonionfoodpic2  sweet-onion-turkey-sandwich

As we were in the midst of a road trip and had a long drive ahead of us before we stopped for the night, we had to leave without being able to visit more of this intriguing town. But, Lord willing, we will be back! Waynesville, you have piqued our interest!